Cookie Policy

When you visit Bob's Coins and Jewelry, we use small pieces of data called cookies. Think of them as little helpers that remember your preferences, so you don’t have to start over each time you visit.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

  1. To Remember You: When you're shopping or browsing, cookies remember what's in your cart and your preferences, like language.

  2. To Understand Your Preferences: By seeing which parts of our site you visit most, we can better tailor our website to your interests. It’s like noticing a customer’s favorite items in a physical store and then recommending similar ones next time they visit.

  3. To Make Ads Relevant: If you ever see our ads on other websites, cookies help make sure those ads are about things you're actually interested in.

Types of Cookies We Use:

  1. Essentials: These cookies remember things like what's in your cart. Without them, the website wouldn't work well.

  2. Preferences: These remember your preferred settings like language. The website works without them, but it's nicer with them!

  3. How You Use Our Site: These cookies keep track of the pages you visit, so we can make improvements based on what our visitors like.

  4. Ads & Marketing: These cookies make ads more relevant to you. You can choose not to have these if you want, and our site will still work just fine.

  5. Website Analysis: With the help of Google, these cookies tell us how visitors use our site overall. Don't worry, the website works perfectly even without them.